Gemstone Species and Ornamentals;

Mineral Groups of Gemological Interest;

Refractive Index Graph & Periodic Table:


Gem Photos

       # 199 - 344

Gem Photos

         # 1 - 198

Sources of Data Used in Text;

Thermal Properties;

Color Measurement and Specification:

Gem Section:



Gemstones from the Laboratory;

Synthesized Homocreate Materials;

Trade Names of Synthetics:

Table of Contents

For the first time ever, Joel Arem is making available, on-line, his widely-used Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones. The first edition of the Encyclopedia took 3 years to write and appeared in 1977. A fully revised, updated and expanded 2nd edition was published in 1987, following an intensive 2-year commitment. The new book had far better color reproduction than the first and more than 200 completely new photos. In addition, the text was 100 pages larger and included chapters on synthetic gemstones and thermal measurements. The second edition also contains the first comprehensive tabulation in the gemological literature of precise, machine-generated measurements of the color of nearly all gemstone species and varieties.

‚ÄčAs the only full-color gemstone encyclopedia ever published, the Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones (2nd ed.) has often been called the most-used reference book in its field.

You can also buy the book in hardcover on HERE    

        ISBN: 9780442208332