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You may find a sampling of Dr. Arem's materials available for sale at:

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Private sales, marketing, appraisals, and consulting may be made upon a case-by-case inquiry. Please contact Dr. Arem directly for additional information, pricing, and availability.

Joel Arem has been a collector of minerals for more than 60 years, and a dealer in gems and minerals since the 1960's. He was fortunate, growing up in New York City, to become active in the New York Lapidary & Gem Society and to go on field trips to the many famous zeolite localities in eastern New Jersey. He was trading minerals with other collectors around the country as early as 1955, and later, as an active micromounter, was a featured speaker at many Symposia of the Baltimore Micromount Society during the early 1970's. Arem became a lapidary and started acquiring and cutting gemstones (both cabochons and faceted stones) in 1962, and his collections include a wide variety of materials that have not been readily available for 5 decades.

Dr. Arem started his own gemstone marketing company in 1974, and most of the specimens pictured in his many publications are from his personal collections. He is now making available selected material from these collections of minerals and gemstones, including a wide variety of rare collector stones, gems used in preparing his Encyclopedias, and minerals acquired over many decades. These selected gems, minerals and collector items are being sold under the brand name, the Joel Arem Collection. Keep checking this site for additional information and images of some of the items being offered for sale.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Arem if you are looking for something specific, or have questions about the availability of objects from, or similar to, the ones pictured in his various books and published articles. Many of these can, at the buyer's request, be accompanied by a narrative about their history and the details of their acquisition!