The Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones has become the world's most widely referenced book on gems. Published in 1977, it was the first book to show, in photographs, the range of colors in gemstones and many rare collector stones that had never before been seen in print.


'gems and jewelry' was the first popular all-color mass market paperback guide to this subject. published by bantam books in 1975, it went on to sell more than 1 million copies and was translated into 4 languages. It was used as a textbook for many years by gemology schools and educators.



'man made crystals' was the first popular introduction to synthetic gemstones and the crystals used in technology. it was published by the smithsonian press, in cojunction with a major exhibit of synthetic gems and crystals that was created by joel arem and displayed in the lobby of the smithsonian's national museum of natural history during the summer of 1973. arem was also the founder and curator of the smithsonian's national synthetics collection.