Gems and Jewelry: Third Edition

This book is in planning to be published as an e-book, Preview chapters are FREE TO DOWNLOAD - CLICK THE LINKS BELOW!

Significant changes in the gemstone market have prompted Joel Arem to create a 3rd edition of "Gems and Jewelry", and he began this work in 2011. The 3rd edition is planned as an e-book that will be available on this website in 2014. Excerpts are viewable now by clicking on the buttons on this page. Arem especially wanted to make immediately available the most ambitious chapter in the new book, dealing with synthetic and treated gemstones, because there is so much confusion about these subjects in the current marketplace. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is planning a large-scale revision of its guidelines for gemstone-related terminology, changes that will affect the gem trade for years to come. It is Arem's view that public education, and a true understanding of the technical issues involved, is more important than any set of regulations having to do with labeling. Please click on the link provided below to view this chapter in its entirety.

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